DIGITAL COLOR Press Technology

From small print runs to large, digital color now offers a viable alternative to Traditional Offest .

Our imagePRESS produces output that rivals offset quality, maintains superior color consistency,

and empowers you to fulfill a wide range of jobs, including saddle-stitched booklets, hard-copy

reproductions, and marketing collateral.

With a true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution the imagePRESS consistently reproduces clear, sharp

images with lifelike skin tones, smooth gradients, and color accuracy needed to satisfy even the

most perceptive buyers of printed materials.

Some Digital Press Advantages

SPEED - Digital printing eliminates most of the set up a traditional press requires. This allows us

to take your print-ready file to production within minutes of receiving them.

QUANTITY - Because setup is so simple our run quantity can be as small as a few prints to as

large as a full scale production.


STOCK SELECTION - From matte to glossy to silk we can run almost anything through our digital

press. It can handle as thin as 28GSM to as thick as 300GSM, all up to 13x19...


Offset Printing

Offset Lithography is the most common process used to create printed matter. A few of its

common applications include: magazines, brochures, stationery, sell sheets, journals, and

books. Our offset presses use a computer to plate system, as opposed to the older computer to

film workflows, which further increase our quality and save you money.

Offset printing occurs when the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber

blanket, then to the printing surface. The advantages of offset printing compared to other printing

methods include:

Consistent high image quality. Offset printing produces sharp and clean images and type. Quick

and easy production of printing plates. Cost. Offset printing is the cheapest method to produce

high quality printing in commercial printing quantities.